Visa Journey Timeline

The TAS and I are applying for a K1 Fianee visa to allow me to emigrate to the USA

March 2010 – Prepare I-129F but don’t post it because…

April 2010 – TAS is offered transfer to London

May 2010 – Decide the packkage for London job is not as attractive as opportunities in US

2nd August 2010 – I-129F posted

17th August 2010 – I-797 (NOA1) received

October – November 2010 – Worrying about the TAS

17th October 2010 – Police Certificate applied for

18th November 2010 – TAS is going to be OK. I can stop worrying about him and go back to worrying about USCIS

24th November 2010 – Police certificate received – NO TRACE

25th January 2011– TAS chases USCIS on approval for our petition – apparently it will be approved in the next 30 days

28th January 2011 – Collect the letter from my Doctor for my medical, start the vaccinations I am missing

4th February 2011 – I-797 (NoA2) Recieved our petrition has been approved

24th February 2011 – Packet 3 Arrives from the embassy

25th January 2011 – Return Packet 3, Book Medical, Doctors appt for next round of missing vaccinations, Collect vaccination record

1st March 2011 – Medical at Bentick Mansions In London

2nd March 2011 – Fax request for Psychiatirc report to my GP

14th March 2011 – Embassy Doctor receives psychiatric report and passes the results of my medical to the embassy

26th March 2011 – Receive appointment letter from the embassy

7th April 2011 – Visa appointment at the American Embassy in London APPROVED!!!!!!

15th-17th April 2011 – Leaving party

19th April 2011 – Last day in Work

20th April 2011 – Fly Home to my TAS

22nd April 2011 – Courthouse wedding

5th July 2011 – Filed AOS Package

10th August – Biometrics Appointment


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