Dramatis Personae

I mostly blog about my life so a who’s who is probably useful.

ME – I’m the protagonist. Well I’d like to be but it frequently feels like I’m a bit player in my own life. I’m short, dark haired and have a split personality between totally laid back and psychotically anal. Twitter addict. Obsessed with food. Film freak. Book Monster. Told regularly I have terrible taste in music. Ex-semi-professional Ice Mage and Guild leader. I live in Atlanta with my TAS

The TAS – My TransAtlantic Sweetie. He’s Chinese-American and lives in Atlanta though he’s originally from New York. We met on a dating website and are ploughed through a ton paperwork so I can stay in USA with him. Honorary Member of SRC.

The Boozle – Spawn of my loins. The unholy but still angelic offspring of me and the TAS.

SRC – Spare Room Crew came about because apparently me and Bob laughing in the living room was distracting to Chewy so we got banished to the spare room. SRC live permanently in each others heads, we all have our outer voice, our inner voice and each others inner voices. It doesn’t get lonely but it can get confusing

Tiddles – My little sister. She lives in Brighton with her girlfriend and is a party animal.

The Old Woman – My mother. We fell out in 2010 when I got wrecked on vodka and threw her out of my house, where she had been squatting for 15 months after being deported from USA. We’re currently not talking.

Bob – My hetero life mate and co-founder of SRC. She is my bestest of best friends. We met at University where we shared a house. She lives with her Boyfriend Chewy who I think is a fat ginger waste of space but she loves him so what can you do? She’s my number one reader and even likes my quizzes.







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