Strawberry Chiffon

They call me Looby-two-puds for a reason. I’m already thinking about Thanksgiving I’m hosting this year and of course I’m focused on dessert. This is going to be one of them. It’s fresh and light and just the thing after a big fat turkey dinner.

Strawberry Chiffon

For the Base
225g Digestive Biscuit crumbs
25g Demerara Sugar
250g unsalted butter

For the Filling
450g Frozen Strawberrys Pureeed
1 Packet of Strawberry Jelly
50g White Sugar
500 ml Double Cream
120ml Condensed Milk

Notes and Substitutions – Digestive Biscuits are Honey Graham Crackers, Demerara Sugar is Turbinado Sugar. I use frozen strawberries because out of season strawberries taste of nothing. I also use British style jelly cubes rather than US style Jello Powder. I prefer the texture and taste it gives the chiffon.

Strawberry Chiffon Ingredients

Line a 9 inch springform tin with foil. Melt the butter and stir in the biscuit crumbs and Demerara sugar. Press the base mix into the tin with the back of a metal spoon and then put in the fridge to chill while you make the filling.
Chiffon Base

Put the strawberry puree into a saucepan over a very low heat, add the jelly cubes and keep stirring until they melt in then remove from the heat to cool slightly. Stir in the condensed milk.
In another bowl whip the cream to soft peaks and then add the white sugar whip again to stiff peaks.

Strawberry Chiffon Mixtures

Fold the fruit mixture into the cream until it’s all smooth. Add the filling to the base and refrigerate until set. At least 45-60 mins

Serve cold with whipped cream and more berries.

Strawberry Chiffon

Apparently it’s a pie. Don’t get me started on pies. Pies are made of pastry and have a pastry lid. This is a tart or something.


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