Essential Baby Junk

Well I’m safely into trimester number 3.  Mung bean is still spending her time doing aerobics and trying to get into any position that is awkward and uncomfortable for me.  I’m waiting for this pregnant lady glow and glossy hair I keep reading about to turn up but I’m still yellow and sickly looking with fuzzy hair.  I have huge amounts of envy for my Cousin who looks amazing and seems to have been breezing through her 9 months. She’s due 2 months before me so maybe I’ll find out if it’s true that babies who are pains in the proverbial while they’re in utero are well behaved on the outside and vice versa. I have a feeling it’s a myth like – the second trimester is better than the first one.

Anyway after 6 months of denial me and the TAS are finally realising that when mung bean arrives she’s probably going to need some stuff and we’re running out of time to acquire it. Luckily we have some good friends who had a baby this time last year and they’ve offered us a ton of gently used baby gear I’m just not sure what we should say “yes please” to and “thanks but no thanks” and what we should buy for ourselves. We don’t have a huge amount of space in our little 2 room apartment.

The question is what stuff is essential, what stuff is nice and what stuff is junk that is going to take up space until we can finally palm it off on the next sucker to breed?

Car seat – Obviously a car seat is essential because they won’t let us leave the hospital with the baby unless we’ve got one. I think they have a list of approved ones we can get from the hospital
Bassinet – a little portable moses basket type thing to put Mung Bean in when she first comes home
Cot – I believe Americans call this a crib. Firm mattress. For later?

Nice but not necessary
a 4 door car – I personally think this is gonna be an essential but the TAS is adamant that getting the baby in and out of his 2 door sports car is going to be totally fine…

A total waste of space

I’m also wondering about a Baby Registry. I kind of think the whole thing is a bit gruesome. Why should I not only demand gifts because me and my husband were not using contraception, but demand specific gifts? Call me old fashioned but it seems really rude.  Also the TAS  is Chinese so he thinks the only appropriate gift ever is cash and call me even more old fashioned but it’s definitely rude to demand cold hard currency from well wishers.

For later consideration
We’re doing a laundry service for the first few months after we bring Mungbean home so I can worry about nappies and all that associated stuff later on

Work in progress so any tips would be gratefully appreciated


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