25 More things about me


  1. I’m 32 and on the verge of leaving my whole way life and moving across the Atlantic Ocean because of a man I met on the internet. Well that’s the 21st Century for you.
  2. I look fabulous in a corset. I appreciate the way I lose 4 inches off my waist and gain it in my cleavage. Not that my cleavage NEEDS the additional 4 inches but you can never have too much of a good thing
  3. My newspaper of choice is the Guardian. Yes I am a woolly-thinking sandal-wearing liberal who just wishes people would be nicer to each other.

  4. I know I’m getting old because I’m throwing a party this weekend and I’m doing a cheese board for it.

  5. I’m not allowed to drive because of my Menieres Syndrome and I get really annoyed about the cost of public transport.

  6. At the beginning of the year I unfollowed over 200 people on Twitter.
  7. I’ve stopped biting my fingernails but now instead I pick the nail varnish off them. I’m not entirely sure it’s an improvement.

  8. I was definitely a cat in my previous life because I love to be stroked by other people and sleep for 16 hours a day. I’ve also been known to scratch and bite. Miaow!

  9. Since I started planning my move to the USA I have given away most of my possessions including my fridge, sofas, TV and boxes of books. Does anyone want a 4 poster bed in the next few weeks?
  10. Last year I fell out with my mum and as a result most of my family is not talking to me which makes me sad.
  11. I’m not inviting people to my wedding, not because I don’t want them there but because I think it is rude to ask people to spend that kind of money travelling just to watch a wedding. Ogf course if anyone is planning a weekend break in NY over the summer they are more than welcome
  12. People assume my taste in music is worse than it is. Usually because they don’t appreciate how varied my taste actually is, then they’re surprised that they can actually find a lot of music they like in my iTunes

  13. I love bracelets and feel practically naked without one of the 20 or so (not including 150 bangles) I own on my wrist.

  14. I’m a Domestic Goddess and instead of giving people birthday presents I match them to their ideal cake which I bake for them

  15. Since I was 17 I’ve had 3 bouts of depression. My Doctor says my best bet is to stay on my anti-depressants permanently from now on.

  16. I will try most things once. So if I say I don’t like something it’s generally because I’ve already given it a whirl.

  17. I have not dyed my hair since 2009 and I am convinced I have more grey hairs than is fair.

  18. Sometimes my fingers and feet get terrible itchy blistery Hydrotic Eczema. It’s so bad you scratch it until it bleeds and then keep scratching.

  19. Flip Flops are vile and should be banned in all civilised countries. I’m aware that I possibly feel this way because of 18

  20. I hate rude people. It’s the one thing that makes me really cross. A little bit of common courtesy goes a very long way.

  21. People always assume that I will be a chocolate pudding kind of girl when actually I tend to prefer simple clean tasting things like Crème Brulee or Pannacotta
  22. I am powerless to resist a direct question especially when asked via the medium of Teh Interwebz. Formspring me!
  23. It’s never too early for pyjama o clock.

  24. I listen to Radio 4 in the morning, at least until my Housemate gets fed up with listening to me rail and rage against the state of the world

  25. I’m very happy with my TAS (see fact 1) but he knows that when Keanu calls me it’s over

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