Box of Memories

So as my visa is whizzing along at a scary speed – good scary. I’m reaching the point where it’s actually sinking in that I’m leaving. All the wedding planning and that kind of stuff has been going on for months but over the last 2 weeks it really hit home. I’m starting a new life in a whole new country

The first time I think I really realised I was going was 2 weeks ago when I started shredding all my paper work. You know all the stuff that has been in a cardboard box and I’ve dutifully moved round the country without even thinking about it. I was shredding some of my first mobile phone bills from back in 1998 (I know there’s no reason to keep mobile phone bills for 13 years) and it like I was putting my history through the shredder.

Last week I had my medical at the Knightsbridge Doctors for the London Embassy which is only 2 steps away from actually getting on the plane.

Then this weekend I was sorting through the few possessions I have left and came across my box of letters. Way back in the mists of time before mobile phones and e-mails I was a keen letter writer and swapped big bundles of correspondence with people who sometimes felt more like real friends than the people I saw everyday. I sorted through the 20 or so different people I wrote to and came to 10 big stacks of letters from the people I wrote to for years. Of these I’m still in contact with 1 of them – it’s hard not to be I live with his brother.

Of the rest there are 5 who I would like to be a part of my life again, even if it was just back to letter writing. After sorting through the box I did the whole social networking thing to see if I could find them. I think I’ve found 2 but no way to contact them – poxy private profiles.

Even though space is at a premium and I’m getting rid of almost everything I’m taking these 10 bundles with me as a reminder that you don’t have to be physically close to stay connected. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes and a stamp.

If any of my readers know or can contact:

Andrew Taylor – Wolverhampton, University at Canterbury

Michael Redley – Wolverhampton, university at Hull

Matthew Littleford – Wolverhampton, University at Canterbury

Edward Sykes – Wolverhampton,

Angela Warren – Wolverhampton

then let me know. I’d love to swap a few more letters


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