One Little package… – The apology strikes back

The whole sordid history can be found One Little Package… and The saga continues

I get home to find the letter of apology Laura promised a week ago. They’ve spelt my name wrong which instantly makes me feel belligerent and unlikely to accept their apology as I must have spelled it out 15 times over the course of my interaction with Royal mail.

Rather than blog about it I’ve posted the letter and my response directly.

 27th January 2011

Dear Miss Wallcock-king

 Thank you for contacting Royal Mail.

 I’m sorry to hear about your complaint.

 To deal with this problem, and based on the information you have provided, I have been able to take the following action.

  • Logged and reported the full details of your complaint
  •  Checked the service information available to me to ensure there are no related issues in your area
  •  Passed these details to the manager of the Delivery Office

 The delivery office manager has advised that this item has been returned to the sender. Mail that needs to be returned to the sender generally travels with the first class post or with our special delivery post if that was the service originally used. We send any items that do not display a full return address to our National returns Centre, where our colleagues open the items under secure and confidential conditions to find the information. This process can take some time to complete, so we recommend that senders always put a full return address on the back of their mail and include a contact name, address and telephone number with the contents.

I hope that the action above resolves your enquiry and concludes this matter; If you have any other concerns though, please contact us via the details above, quoting your unique reference number shown on the top left of the page.

Once again please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of Royal Mail for the problem you’ve had and thanks for taking the time to make us aware of this. Please be assured that we take letting our customers down seriously and will use this information to make further improvements.

 Yours Sincerely

 Sam _________
Customer Service Advisor


Tuesday 1st February 2011

 Dear Sam,

Thank you for your letter passing on ‘sincere apologies’ on behalf of the Royal Mail. I feel that I am unable to consider this note of apology to be meant sincerely as it was not even signed and my name was spelt incorrectly even though I have spelled it out to at least 3 of your colleagues and also your automated telephone system on a number of occasions.

 The actions outlined in your letter do not resolve my enquiry or, in my opinion conclude the matter; you have merely informed me that my complaint has been logged and passed on to the manager of the delivery office. As I have been told that 2 different delivery offices are responsible for this mistake it would be nice to know which manager of which delivery office will be looking into the issue.

I would like to know why my package was sent to the National returns centre. I was informed by Laura who deals with calls on your customer service line on 25th January that it was because I hadn’t collected the package. Obviously given the time and effort I have already expended on trying to collect this item this is not an acceptable answer.

 Yours Sincerely

Louise ____________

PS You may want to check out my Blog regarding these issues


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