2010 in Updates – Spring

Happy talking, talking, happy talk. You’ve got to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream how are you gonna make a dream come true
is teaching you things all of the time. Of course you might not be learning them
is getting nervous about the weather. 4 flights in 5 days seemed like a good idea until the poxy snow turned up to make me twitch
A chocolate you do not like does not count as chocolate. This discovery is from the same branch of physics that determined food eaten while walking contains no calories
is wondering why women are hard-wired to stress about what men are thinking when it is probably “could Jack Bauer beat James Bond in a fight”
is not worrying about what to wear on her date on Saturday. That would be shallow and foolish.
Trickery is what humans are all about. We’re so keen on it we elect governments to do it for us
has had some of her weather worries assuaged by The Moog. He’s a total sweetie and deserves good Karma
fell over on the way into work AGAIN
Don’t put your trust in revolutions. They always come round again. That’s why they are called revolutions
is not strung out by the things that should have strung her out. She has a little smiley spot of calm which makes it all better
is packed and ready to go. as long as I can. Go I mean
has managed the first leg of her journey. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow
is chilling at The Moogs in front of a coal fire with a glass of something cold and fizzy. Hope the next part of the journey is as good
is at Manchester airport. They didn’t ask me to go through the scanner so I couldn’t decline.
Is at the airport with only very minor stress. Nothing international is being cancelled or delayed so fingers crossed I will be in Atlanta by tonight
had a reasonable journey and is safe and well in Atlanta. Milwaukee here I come.
is finally home – 30 hours after she left the hotel
feels better now she’s had a snooze. A nice Lush bubble bath should complete the transformation back to human
Free advice often turns out to be expensive
should probably go to bed as it is getting quite late
has just remembered that her straightening irons are in Manchester. Aarrrgggghhhh! Don’t know how long I can cope with fuzzy hair
managed less than 24 hours without the straighteners. They have now been rescued from Manchester
has just been offered a pile of baby goodies. Now that’s a bit premature!
is being very patriotic. I’m talking about killing foreigners
is apparently too old and retarded
wants to eat chocolates on a big room where the world is different
thinks Monkeyboi should check his Myspace more often
What sort of man would put a known criminal in charge of a major branch of the government? – apart from the average voter
is off to the cinema to see Nine with the girlies from work. Yaaay Orange Wednesday!
is going back to Atlanta in March.
was not impressed with Nine at the cinema last night. O well Toy Story 3D anyone?
The freedom to succeed goes hand in hand with the freedom to fail
Kung fu is kung fu – it’s not childs play
has just left a very sleepy man at the other end of the web-cam and will go into town for some food shopping
Sometimes the best answer is a more interesting question
It’s imagination not intelligence that makes us human
All animals copulate. Only humans kiss
Zero Tolerance only seems to mean putting extra police in poor run down areas and not the stock exchange
The trouble with having an open mind is people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it
My mum just bought me a new iLoop because I am broken.
has been sleeping far too much this week

When people say “I’m psychic” they mean “I have an over-active but unoriginal imagination and wear black nail varnish”
A learning experience is one of those things that say “You know that thing you just did? – don’t do that”
If it looks like a duck & quacks like a duck. We have to at least consider the possibility we h ave a small aquatic bird of the family Anatidae on out hands
is getting ready to go to Bobs House for dinner. Hurrah for hetero-life mates!
Humans are not an endangered species yet, but this is not through a lack of trying
is really enjoying having music again. I love my iLoop.
has a thoroughly deserved hangover.
is a multi-tasking diva. Skyping AND ironing AND myspacing
Human beings, who are almost unique in having the experience to learn from the mistakes of others, are also remarkable in their apparent disinclination to do so
has so much to do it’s a wonder her feet are touching the ground
can’t believe I’m actually doing this
is packing and wondering how much stuff I will need for 8 days in Atlanta
is waiting for her flight to Atlanta to begin boarding. Manchester airport is cold and dull
is still amazed that I got through immigration AND security in less than an hour yesterday afternoon
is taking her doctors advice and getting away from it all
is meeting some of his friends tonight
is feeling very good
is doing some housework and feeling very domestic goddess
is going to say yes, because I’m all about saying yes
is better than home safe. She is snuggly at The Moog’s house
is catching up with the Olympics. BBC iPlayer rocks and the US coverage of the Winter Olympics suck
wants to live like common people. I want to do whatever common people do.
Feels more awake after some happy hippy shower action.
Not all opinions are equal some are a great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others
is trying to find the energy to do anything
wants to know where all the damn quizzes are – Answer some questions people!!
is pissed off with the muppets on Come Dine with Me who think a chocolate mousse is melted chocolate and cream – that’s chilled chocolate sauce. FFS!
has just eaten a huge Wibbly-Wobbly burger and now needs a nap to recover
is half a bottle of lime vodka for the worse and is glad no-one is one to see how twisted she is
is ready for a relaxing and gossipy lunch with her buddy
has lost her bank card and is extremely pissed off
is now pleased with Co-operative Bank but REALLY Pissed off with the Barn at Scorton
This is not just a Government which does not know how to accept blame; it is a Government which knows no shame
has been a stroppy bitch and now feels bad about it

is having cash flow problems because of the poxy bank card thing. Gah!
has had her cash flow problems solved by some timely help from the old lady – Cheers mum!
is waiting for someone to be online – damn time difference
has spent the day battling a nasty piece of Malware and I have won. Yaaaayyyy!
is pulling her hair out as the bank-card trauma continues. Does anyone fancy lending me a bank card for a fortnight?!!
has more last minute preparations than I would have thought possible. Time to get off the computer and start doing some of them!
is holding very tight, is riding in the midnight blue, is finding I can fly so high above with you
is going to bed. So she can get up in a minute
has got up to begin the epic trek once more
had a good flight and is having a laid back time in her jammies watching TV. Tonight going out for margaritas!!
is having honey nut loops for breakfast and catching up with her online life.as real life has been very busy the last 3 days.
is waiting for her TAS to get home so they can eat. I’m starving and have finished all the Cajun trail mix
has that nice weak in the knees, fuzzy in the head feeling.
is going out for sushi tonight. Apparently it’s our 2 month sushi anniversary and it would be a shame to break such a long-standing tradition
had a total nightmare travelling back from Milwaukee yesterday. What kind of excuse is “cloudy weather”? At least I didn’t have to make a connection
Facebook is evil and must be stopped!
wants to know where Regis is?
is going to make sandwiches for an early lunch and then play Mario.
has just 3 words to say about Mario – “Stupid Fat Plumber!!!!”
is having another laid back day with her Trans-Atlantic Sweetie. We might go for dim-sum later.
is watching Top Gun, eating ice lollies and snuggling.
is NOT going out for the pancakes her TAS promised her because he left the car lights on. O well! Looks like it’s indoor activities today
finally got the pancakes which were promised yesterday. I also need to pack so I can fly home tonight
is leaving to go to the airport. I want to stay in Atlanta and the arms of my TAS
is home and will be going to bed for a snooze shortly
has woken from her sleep and just wants to shout from the rooftops – I LOVE MY BED! None of that tempurpedic crap here.
is not allowed to talk about it
is not as angry as she should be apparently. Does getting angry ever really help?
is listening to rumours by Fleetwood Mac and is remembering just how perfect this album is
would like some positive energy sending my way please.
is now pissed off AND worried
is going to her best friends house. Where there will be frozen vodka, chocolates, Trivial Pursuit and Spare Room Crew to kiss it all better
wishes my crappy week would stop taking it out on other people. Positive energy to you!
is going to do some housework once she’s got through some of her blog back log
A great philosopher one write “Naughty, Naughty, Very Naughty” Ahahahahaaa!
thinks Monkeyboi needs to get onto Myspace quick-smart and tell me all about it!!
is going out to see my GP – again. I’m feeling very broken at the moment
is pretty, A fittie – She got a boyfriend though and that’s a pity She’s flirty turned thirty Ain’t that the age a girl gets really dirty
is feeling really antsy and cannot settle
is asking people to keep their fingers crossed for her
feels slightly better but is still hanging on
loves the spazz It’s full of good people
‘s phone has not stopped ringing. It’s a bit odd to be so popular (home phone of course mobile is still MIA)
feels released, Bad times deceased, My confidence has increased, Reality is here
is feeling bored and poor. I need something to do that will make me feel happier but doesn’t cost anything
has moved on from housework now I have re-discovered the carpet lets do some gardening instead
has discovered there was a lot less to do in the garden than she thought
is using her last Lush bath ballistic. I’m going to enjoy a hot bath and a Stephen King Novel. Bliss
was considering some more gardening but it is too damn cold. So I’m going to go back to bed instead
is finding it hard to make plans for the future while I don’t know what is happening
would like to say loudly that I do have gaydar – even though I am a woman
Three blokes go into a pub. Something happens. The outcome was hilarious!
is a classy honey kissy huggy lovey dovey ghetto princess
is going to bed so I can try and sleep, If the nightmares come back I’ll prolly be online again soon
is getting fed up with the facebookification of the spazz. If wanted Facebook I’d be there instead of here
is smiling because someones status just changed to online
can’t believe she’s spent the last hour tweeting about button up shoes


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