Rhinocerific Quiz

Which do you prefer, sports cars or trucks?
Just regular cars. TAS reckons he has a sports car but it’s a VW Golf

How do you style your hair most often?
It’s in a short bob so ‘style’ is not really something that happens to it

What’s your first memory?
8Meg hahahahahaha

Which are you better at crossword puzzles or sudoku puzzles?
Crosswords. I’m much better with words than numbers and logic

What’s the speed limit on the street you live on?
30, I think, though with the badly parked cars all up the road mean it’s unlikely you copuld get that fast

Are your parents still married?
No my mum is a widow

What are some of your hobbies?
I like cooking and watching films and I spend an unhealthy amount of time twittering and doing these quizzes

Have you ever driven or ridden on the back of a motorcycle?

Yes it started when I was back at University and I rode on King Louies Bike and now I occasionally don black leather and ride with the Moog

What is something you do too often?
Watch my TAS sleep on the skype

What is something you don’t do often enough?

Having the TAS 4100 miles away put s a hell of a cramp on your lovelife

Have you ever spent so much time with someone that you got the sound of their voice stuck in your head?

SRC live permanently in each others heads, we all have our outer voice, our inner voice and each others inner voices. It doesn’t get lonely but it can get confusing

Do you know anyone else’s password for anything?

Yeah. I know quite a few of the Moogs and Kelly’s. I know my cousins and my mums

How old is the last person you sent a facebook friend request to?

The last friend request I sent was to TAS sister. Who is 26 – he thinks

Who initiated your first kiss, you or them?
Him. He got me by surprise on the stairs

Do you regret kissing them?
Absolutely. it was awful. AWFUL! I have got better since then though

Describe the town you grew up in.
I grew up all over the palce thanks to my nomad parents. I don’t really have a hometown

Is there anything about you that only one person knows?
I do too many quizzes to keep many secrets. Of course not that many people read the blog so it’s still mostly secret

What all did you do yesterday?
Woke up far to early, cleaned the kitchen while I waited for a civilised hour, made the Moog a cup of tea because he’d lost my housekeys and I wanted to borrow his to go out. Went into town and did some shopping, ordered my meat for Christmas, came home and wrapped the Moogs Christmas presents, then spent the rest of the day talking to my TAS by skype and watching stuff on iPlayer with him.

Have you ever been called a smartass?

Possibly – though obviously only by stupid people.

Is there a song that you are particularly good at singing?

I’m not great at singing anything to be fair. My highest score on singstar is Back to Black and second is Mr Brightside and third is Losing my Religion

Do you know how to jump start a car battery?

I know the basics of it but have never had to do it.

What about change the oil?

No of course I am a pedestrian and we don’t need oil changes

Do you dry off in the shower, or after you get out?

I get mostly dry in the shower then pootle around after wrapped in a towel

Do you have a nickname that you go by more often than your real name?

um… no, a couple of people call me stuff thats not my real name but mostly I go by Louise

What’s your preferred form of exercise?
I’m extremely lazy, though I did enjoy the swimming when I was in Atlanta over the summer

What’s your favourite airline you’ve flown on?

I do most of my flying with delta

Who do you live with?
I live with the Moog, and minksie and Harry – see my dramatis personae

For those of you in college: Do you enjoy it?

I’m not in college

What are you doing for your next birthday?
I can’t think more than a few days ahead at the moment nevermind all the way to May next year

And how many candles will be on your cake?

I doubt there will be actual physical candles but metaphorically there will be 33.

Got any plans for tonight?
I’m going to bake some muffins for work tomorrow and watch some iPlayer and talk to my lovely TAS


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