Quiz Stolen from Paul

Where’s the last place you went?
I came home from work on Friday and haven’t been anywhere since.

Are you looking forward to something as of right now?
I’m still in a bit of a daze to be honest. There’s lots of things coming up but I’m too pre-occupied to anticipate

When will you next kiss the last person you kissed?
Hopefully when my visa is organised and not before.

At the moment, are you more warm or cold?
I’m ok. I’m wrapped in my duvet.

Do you find girls/guys with facial piercings attractive?
Sometimes – some people can carry it off better than others.

When was the last time you saw snow?
Out of the plane window when I was flying home from USA in August.

Who was the last person to insult you to your face?
The Moog. He said I used to weigh 23 stone.

Has anyone ever tried to shove their religion in your face?
Yeah, it usually doesn’t last long after I start pulling out the theological arguments from university.

Who was the last person you sat next to?
The Domme We were playing Ravin’ Rabbids – which I always want to call Rampant Rabbits. Which is a totally different sort of game

What did you do today?
I played some wii, had a bacon sandwich, did a few loads of washing, made a start on tidying the pit.

What did you do yesterday?
Went to bed at stupid o clock in the morning then had to get up for work and pretend everything was OK.

What are you thinking about right now?
Food, which is not a huge surprise to anyone who knows me

Do you smile often?
Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what’s the use of crying?
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

Do you prefer an ocean or pool?
A pool.

When was the last time you cried?
Thursday. I’m currently in brave-pretending-everything-is-OK-mode

Why is your relationship status the way it is?
Because my TAS is on the wrong continent, so I am an Alien Fiance.

For most practical purposes yes.

How long is your hair?
Well my undercut is nearly all grown out, it’s almost chin length.

Last thing you ate?
Strawberry sherbert.

Who last sent you a text message?
Nikki, I have to call her this weekend and give her an update

Last person you hugged?
The Moog, he’s been handing out cuddles to sustain me

Who do you dislike currently?
People, in general, they make me cross. Specifically I usually can’t be bothered to maintain a dislike for very log. It’s just not worth the aggravation

Are you wearing make-up?
No. I only wear make-up when I’m going somewhere and my plan is to lurk in the house all day

If you could have something right now, what would it be?
Enough funding to bridge 4100 miles and come back easily for all the visa stuff.

Your heart is racing, who are you standing next to?
Firstly it’s not and secondly I’m sitting at my PC not standing next to anyone

Something you hate more than anything?
Being 4100 miles away from my TAS

Tears are falling from your eyes, what’s the reason?
The inherent unfairness of life.

Have you kissed anyone in the past month?
Erm.. not properly a couple of goodbye friendly kisses, last proper kiss was at Atlanta Airport WAAAY back in August.

Is tomorrow going to be a good day/night?
Tomorrow will be average.

Are you in a good mood?
I don’t know I just feel numb.

Would you rather get up early or sleep in?
I don’t care which it is as long as I’ve been allowed to wake up on my own.

Are you wearing anything?
Now brace yourselves…. I’m wearing Jammies. It’s unexpected I know

Are you paranoid about something?
It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

Does it take a lot to make you cry?
At the moment I’m pretty leaky but I don’t think I’m crying about nothing.

Wanting to tell someone something?
The people who need to know already know. And sometimes pushing advice doesn’t really make things better.

What would you do with five million dollars?
Buy some freedom from the 9-5. Maybe go back to university for fun

What do you think about toe socks?
They’re fiddly to put on but very toasty once you get the technique

Would you rather watch a romantic movie or a really gory one?
I’m a sucker for a chick flick

If you had to live off one type of fruit, which would you choose?

What are some of your nervous habits?
The only one is biting my fingernails. They look shocking at the moment. They’ve not been this badly bitten for years

If you had to move in with a friend, which one would you pick?
I’m already living with The Moog.

Do you have a favourite toilet paper brand too?
No. I buy whatever comes in the biggest pack.

How long does it take you to get ready?
Depends where I’m going. It takes 45 seconds to get ready to go the shops and a couple of hours if I’m washing my hair and putting on makeup and all that gubbins

Would you change yourself to make someone like you?
I’ve never been very good at that I’m just arrogant enough to believe if they don’t like me the way I am they can bugger off. Apparently that’s not very common in 7 year olds

Are you the type people should take seriously, or should they think you’re joking most of the time?
I’m fairly serious.

When you like someone, and they don’t know about it, are you the type who wants to tell them?
No I’m more of a drop subtle hints kind of girl.

Does it annoy you when people say their heart is “broken”?
No your heart really can break and it’s a physical pain, luckily we usually get over it and forget just how much it hurts.

Describe your life in one word:

Do you want a big expensive wedding, or just a simple one?
Simple, cheap, fast.

Name three of your favourite hobbies:
Cooking, Reading, watching the TAS sleep via skype.

Are you a much deeper person than people realise?
Only shallow people can’t see the depths in others.

If you could turn into any animal to experience the lifestyle, what would it be?
A big cat like a leopard or something

Is there anything that you wish you’d have carried on with, rather than discard?
The only one is my University education.

Do you focus on the positive side of things, or the bad?
I think I’m hard-wired for the negative which is why I’m on anti-depressants for the rest of my life

What can really annoy you about a person?
It’s always rudness.

Do you have your own personal style, or follow a trend?
I’m a bit hippy, a bit gothy.

What do you find really interesting about a person?
I like to hear about other peoples families it nearly always makes me feel better.

What can make you instantly like a person?
Bribery. I accept chocolate, champagne and jammies.

Do you get on better with guys or girls, and why?
I don’t get on with many people at all. I think it;s the bugger off arrogance I mentioned before.

Do you like to help people?
Yes. I always try to help other people, I think I need more good Karma because I must have been a total bastard in my last life.

What is one thing that you wish you could change about your personality?
I’d like to be less snarky or at least get snarky a lot slower.

What are you currently working on or trying to achieve?
I’m working on my Fiancee visa and trying to achieve a healthy bank balance to pay for said visa.

What would you love to be able to do better?
Write. Then I’d whip out a few novels no problem. – I like Pauls answer I’m sticking to it

Do you have a low concentration span?
No I’m good at concentrating but I have a low boredom threshold if the thing I’m concentrating on is intersting I can do it all day. If it’s dull I’m all “o look a puppy”.

Do you think you’re going to have a good future?
At the moment I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for any future


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