The Visa Journey

The Visa journey continues

Warning this blog contains gratuitous references to all kinds of stuff you really don’t care about.

When I was in the USA over Summer 2010 the TAS submitted some forms to US Immigration (USCIS) as the first step of our visa journey. The forms were a petition to allow his Alien Fiancée (ME!) to apply for a visa. So in July we filled in forms (an i-129F, a G-325a for each of us) got proofs of our nationalities, signed passport sized photos, proof that we had met in person at least once I the last 2 years, signed letters of intent, a cheque for $455  and posted them all off to a processing centre in Vermont.

In August the TAS received a letter (I-797) saying the petition had been accepted and now he’s waiting for a second I-797 so say that the petition has been approved..

In the meantime I have been doing my research and making lists of the things we need for the next steps, including: A load more forms, a police certificate, proof I will not become a public charge in US, letters from my Doctor for the medical, proof of an ongoing relationship, updated letters of intent

At the moment I am just waiting for the Letter from the embassy in London to arrive so I can spring into action but I’m hating the waiting I just want to get on with it and be thinking about the future with the TAS rather than all the paperwork hassles

Time line

2nd August 2010 – I-129F posted

17th August – I-797 received

17th October – Police Certificate applied for

24th November Police certificate received – NO TRACE

25th January – TAS chases USCIS on approval for our petition – apparently it will be approved in the next 30 days

28th January – Collect the letter from my Doctor for my medical, stat the vaccinations I am missing


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