5th Fockers Annual Reunion

A very busy weekend. I met up with the nicest people I have ever worked with for the 5th annual Fockers reunion. I think it is highly unlikely I will ever work with such a good group of people again.

The origins of the Focker moniker are lost in the mists of time – or at least the drink fuelled orgy of excess that gossip says the first reunion was. I personally wouldn’t know as the assistants were not invited to the first reunion. Some have suggested it may have something to do with Foundation Old Crocks and Kurrent Employees Reunion but I think that is unlikely. This years do was a rather sedate affair, probably because at least half of us had been up late the night before and due to our increasing maturity and inevitable decline into decrepitude can no longer cope with 2 nights on the trot. Of course the fact that the rowdiest trouble makers couldn’t make the date may have had something to do with it as well. This annual event gives us all a chance to find out who has been up to what; who has a new man – EA assistant, who has good hair – EA Manager, who’s getting married and emigrating – me, who had a heart attack – SE Manager, who ran the Great North Run – NE assistant. And also through everyone’s connections what all the absent friends are also up to. Everyone has been getting on with their lives. We decided for the first time to set a date for next years reunion because SW Manager would like a bit more warning so he can book flights from Spain where he has retired to and we also thought if we get in early enough peoples diaries won’t fill up and we can have a full contingent next year.

Once I had said goodbye to all my lovely buddies with much hugging in the car park, I got a lift with SE Manager to Redditch train station. My train pulled out just as I got to the door. Bugger! So I waited for 30 mins for the next train and got to Birmingham New street just in time to see my train pull out. So I waited for 40 mins for the next train. Got on the train and sat in the quiet carriage. The conductor (are they still called conductors – I think they might be ‘train managers’) was checking the tickets and she told several people off for too loud earphones and using their mobiles. Then at the next stop a lady got on with a small baby and sat in the quiet carriage. The quiet was immediately shattered by the mewling, crying, screaming bundle of “joy”. This is where my admiration for the conductor increased as she told the owner of the siren-like baby that she was in the quiet carriage and it was not appropriate for her and her crying baby to be sat there. Conductor helped to move the mother and peace descended once more on the quiet carriage. I have decided I almost love that lady and I am sorry I didn’t get her name so I could write a letter of commendation to everybody.

My PC is now working, though I am stuck with newly installed Windows vista again and so am in a permanently bad mood while I am using my beautiful beast and will be until I can figure out how I turned all the annoying shit off last time and re-install all my stuff. I have a feeling it will take a while.


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