Culinary adventures in Birmingham

I have a confession. I have a food allergy/intolerance. I’m not proud of it – in fact I’m a bit ashamed of it. I’m convinced that it’s divine retribution for the amount of time I have spent snarking about other peoples food “allergies” So when a few years back I stopped being able to eat milk without this happening

I changed my diet and now I’m all goaty and generally cow free and I try to avoid mentioning it just saying no to the biccies as they pass me by.

Today my work sent me to a meeting in Birmingham where lunch would be provided so I had to send my sheepish little e-mail off apologising for being a pain in the back side but could I have a dairy free option for lunch because there’s nothing worse than discovering all the sandwiches have margarine in.

When I got to the office where the meeting was held I was met in reception by a nice lady in a pinny who asked me if I was me and then said

“You’ve got a food allergy”

“yes I afraid can’t eat any dairy”

“Ok so No Butter”

“yes that’s right”

“what about yoghurt”

*slightly concerned look on my face* “er.. no sorry I can’t eat ANY dairy”

“what can you eat then”

“well sandwiches will be fine if there’s no dairy in any of them”

“sandwiches? – I can do you a salad box”

“No sandwiches will be fine”

“what can you have in them?”

“what have you got – ham? Chicken?”

“we’ve got ham”

“than a ham sandwich with no spread should be fine as long as the bread has no dairy products in if not A salad box would be lovely thank you”

Forgot about the conversation until the meeting breaks and the lunch is served. 3 platters of sandwiches for the other 7 people in the meeting which was about 120 sandwiches and on a little plate wrapped in clingfilm were 4 quarters of ham sandwich. And I think I have portion control problems.


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