Please don’t be nice to me or I’ll start crying again

 Some potentially not very good news this week and I’m not ready to share yet but it’s taking up too much of my brain space and it’s hard to think about much else. I’ll find out exactly how bad this news could be on 21st of October which seems a very long way away. IRL the people I have told have all reacted in varying amazing ways most of which ends up with them being nice to me and me breaking down into a soggy mess. I’m alright as long as I am busy but when I stop it all creeps up on me and my horrid, buzzing little brain starts turning it all over again until I’m so full my eyes leak and I realise I’ve spent 20 minutes brooding on it all.

A lot of what I have been doing to keep busy is food related. A huge shock I know. Well it’s winter and I am much better at Winter food than I am summer food. Over the weekend I made a large sausage casserole with dumplings, was part of a co-op roast lamb dinner, made a plum and ginger crumble and got the ingredients for a goaty extravaganza (goats cheese lemon cheesecake and Bacon and Leek goats cheese quiche).

As part of my whole keeping busy thing Bob came over to provide moral support and cuddles. She met the Domme for the first time. We played cranium me and Bob vs The Moog and The Domme. Bob and I gave a very convincing demonstration of our uncanny ability to be in each others mind and we won.

The Domme was keeping the Moog on his toes and we got a whole pile of jobs done. Including finally getting my Fridge in place. When I moved in with The Moog I bought with me my very well travelled but practically brand new Fridge. It’s a huge grey beast that has spent the last 6 months sulking in the corner of the Moogs kitchen while we continued to use the tiny, icebound piece of crap that was there before I moved in. Now the fridge is no longer crammed so full you can’t even see what’s in it.

The Domme and Bob took some more of my books and we re-boxed the rest so they were taking up a lot less space in the garage. I did 4 loads of washing, tidied my pit of a bedroom and started half a dozen blogs which I didn’t post. this isn’t what i wanted to say but it’s close enough for now


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