25 Things about Me

1) I was born at stupid o clock in the morning by Caesarean Section. My sun sign is Taurus, just. This means I am reliable, traditional and luxury loving. My rising sign is Gemini – apparently I am of high intellect and clever with words (I talk too much!), and my Moon sign is Scorpio making me sensual and compulsive.

2) I was made to grow up too fast and so now revel in being childish

3) I keep a diary, and when I read it back, I sound like across between Bridget Jones and Adrian Mole. Not in a good way either.

4) In my home life I am extremely messy and disorganised but at work I am so meticulous it borders on OCD. Seriously, my eye starts to twitch if a paperclip is in the wrong place. Plus I love excel, putting things in columns and creating formula. How wrong is that?

5) Whenever possible I take the stairs because my first day working at LloydsTSB I got stuck in the lift with the other new girl for nearly 3 hours.

6) The first CD I bought with my own money was Rush street by Richard Marx. I bought it for 1 song. Hazard, which is still one of my favourites.

7) I have odd feet one is a 4 and the other is a 5. I own 9 pairs of shoes.

8) I love coffee but can’t drink a lot of it because the caffeine makes me twitchy. REALLY twitchy. Mostly I drink fruit tea or green tea.

9) My scariest teacher ever was Sister Suzanne in infant school. Only the Catholics would put a 6 foot nun with one brown eye and one white eye in charge of a room full of six year olds.

10) None of my ex-boyfriends feature in the nights I would replay over and over.

11) I was a librarian at school. It got you into dinner early and it meant you didn’t have to go outside, it kind of set the pace for the rest of my life.

12) I am currently stressing at the thought of the next set of paperwork I have to compile for stage 2 of my K1 Fiancee Visa.

13) I moved around a lot when I was a kid and was constantly “the new girl” at a whole stream of schools. I never got the hang of making friends quickly and I still find it hard.

14) One day my mum left me at infant school, she didn’t come and pick me up. I only stopped crying when my teacher gave me chocolate and let me sit in the staff room. My mum did have a good excuse my sister had fallen off the top of the slide and broken her arm.

15) I’d like to think my type is a tall dark witty musician but I actually seem to have a thing for computer geeky, ex-air cadets, Librans and lefties.

16) I collect Pocket Dragons. The first one was bought for me as a birthday present by my best friend Bob. It’s called the Hedgehogs Joke. It was appropriate as while we were at Uni one of my nicknames was The Chog, and one of hers was Puff the Magic Bob.

17) I can fingerspell.

18) I love perfume, at the moment I am wearing Chanel Allure. On my dressing table at the moment is J’Adore, Very Irresistible, Very Irresistable sensuelle, Samsara, Hypnose, Allure, Allure Sensuelle, Ghost anticipation and Chanel Madmoiselle.

19) I would never have met my best friend Bob if wasn’t for Lancaster university fucking up the admissions. We were put in the same shared house. She arrived on the Saturday and I arrived on the Sunday. She claims I was very scary with my handbag. I claim I was just nervous.

20) One of my favourite Bob memories is both of us, totally wrecked, leaning over the edge of her bed patting a pool of light from the smoke detector on her carpet.

21) My Welsh teacher called me Space Cadet because I managed to miss a whole weeks worth of prep and spent the time reading instead. I got the last laugh I got 97% in the end of year exam.

22) I’m updating this list because I am fed up of job-hunting and think it’s about time I posted something else to my blog

23) I’m collecting things my ex said I couldn’t have. I’ve got a four poster bed,fairy lights, a glitterball, a fabric sofa and a duvet permanently in the living room. I’ve still got to get a karma chameleon phone.

24) I’ve just changed the mobile number I’d had since 1999 and I’m only on my second phone. The only reason I moved up to a Nokia 3510 was because my Nokia 3210 died.

25) My favourite book of all time is The Red Tree by Shaun Tan. Read it. NOW!


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  1. @silverytigress
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 18:24:55

    Excellent! I love real stuff. Thank you for sharing this on Twitter x


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