If a blind woman/man started hitting on you, what would you do?
Exactly the same as if a sighted person started hitting on me. Explain that I’m not interested.

If your dog peed on your crushes leg, would you be embarrassed?
I’d probably laugh and then laugh even more at the Tas being pissed off about it

If you had to chose what your mother would wear for the rest of her life, what would you choose?
Well we’re not talking so I don’t really care what she wears. If I had to I’d probably choose something dull and practical like jeans and a t shirt

If your best-friend told you that she was going to get a new haircut, that you thought was ugly, would you try to tell her not to?
Yes. But Bob has a very good idea of what suits her and what doesn’t so it wouldn’t arise

Do you believe in abortion? Why or why not?
I believe abortion exists but that’s not what the question really is. I am pro-choice. But I am genuinely pro-choice if you believe abortion is wrong then that’s your choice and it’s acceptable; but don’t try to make that choice for other people. What is right for you is not necessarily right for them.

If you were outside and a red car drove by and started shooting up your block while little children were playing outside, would you save the children if it meant possibly killing yourself?
I have no idea. I don’t think I’m a brave person and I usually don’t like children so it might be unlikely. However I have heard that adrenaline can do funny things to a person

If you were walking on the street and you saw a homeless man sitting on a cardboard box, would you give him some money if you had just gotten your pay-cheque? Or would you keep walking?
I am a big fan of giving money to organisations that can help. I have been known to give food and hot drinks when it’s cold

What would you do if you found out your best-friend stole one of your mom’s diamond necklaces?
Firstly my mum doesn’t own any diamonds, never mind diamond necklaces and secondly bob would not even consider stealing from anyone. If by some weird set of circumstances I find myself a new wealthy mum and a new dishonest best friend. I would tell the friend to give it back and if they wouldn’t I would report them to the police and then call bob and ask her if she would be my friend again.

If you had a chance to make £200, only, buy stripping for truckers on a corner, would you?
At the moment I would turn down that exciting street-corner-financial-opportunity.

If you get into a fight, or think you might, do you throw the first punch?
No. I abhor physical violence and would always go out of my way to avoid things escalating into an actaul fight

If yes, did you know that if you throw the first punch and they person you hit would call the police, you could get a big fine, or arrested?
I said no. But yes I did know that hitting someone is ‘a bad thing’ and could get you into trouble with the law.

Would you smoke if it meant getting £30, or do you smoke anyway?
No I would not sign up for cancer, heart disease and generally unpleasant death for thirty bucks.

What would you do if somebody that you didn’t know mentioned something about possibly killing themselves?
I’d do what I was taught at and would listen and try to draw them out a little bit. People who feel that bad are often so isolated that even a small human connection can make things seem slightly less bleak

Would you run down the street naked if it meant earning £150?
Is the street empty? Could I do a Lady Godiva and make everyone stay indoors? Probably not £150 isn’t very much money. Plus it’s far too cold here in Manchester to leave the house without thermal undies on nevermind in the buff

Do you consider yourself daring? Tell me of one experience that would prove that you are daring.
I am not daring I am very placid and easy going

If the war in Iraq, became an actual war where America was fighting against Iraq, would you join to help our nation?
No. because I’m not American and because I think it was an illegal unjust war which has just made the world a more dangerous place. And I can’t believe there are still questions like this floating about. Jeez get over it.

Do you speak your mind? Or do you just keep it to yourself?
There is nothing my inner bitch loves more than running a deeply unpleasant snarky commentary throughout my day. I work very hard to make sure that what she thinks stays in my head and doesn’t accidentally slip out of my mouth

Would you ever join a gang because you liked the way that they protected their members and the members families?
I wouldn’t but maybe if I lived in a different place and had a different upbringing then I might

If you had a chance to go speak to troubled kids, maybe like yourself, and help turn their lives around, would you?
I’m not so keen on kids. I find it very hard to relate to kids nowdays. And I know that makes me sound like an ancient grandma but 21st century kids are totally alien to me and I don’t think I would be able to help

When it comes down to it, do you think you should get more respect or should your family?
Respect is not taken and demanded but earned and given. I don’t think it’s up to me to decide wether me or other members of my family deserve more or less respect. It’s down to the people they interact with and what those people feel.


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